Online Italian courses, Italian language school in Florence, learn Italian on-line, Italian language course, learn to study Italian online.

Italian language school - learn Italian in Florence
Italian language school - learn Italian in Florence
Italian language school - learn Italian in Florence
Italian language school - learn Italian in Florence
Italian language school - learn Italian in Florence
Italian language school - learn Italian in Florence
Italian language school - learn Italian in Florence
Italian language school - learn Italian in Florence
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Italian language school Florence  
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Italian online with fun!
Italian online courses
live audio and video lessons

Italian language school FlorenceWe are happy to present you the new Italian online courses that the school "Spirito Italiano" has started to offer. The courses are designed for those students that want to keep practicing their Italian language although they have no time for school or for a trip to Italy.The lessons through Skype is so amazing, the way you can talk to the teacher and the students, but also look at them at the same and the fact that they could be miles away, in another country. The courses mainly are individual, but we can organize also group lessons.

What Do I Need?
• Computer
• High speed internet
• Free Skype video conferencing
• Headset
• Webcam (optional)
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- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Individual Online courses Prices

online lessons
Dates:  all year round
Course duration: minimum of 4 hours
Lesson duration: 60 minutes
Class size: 1 student
Offer: )

The individual lessons are adapted to the students' abilities, motivations, personalities and desires. The teacher will teach the various Italian grammatical points with a communicative and gradual approach, paying more attention to the student's progress than to the studying program.

Prices and duration of the classes
Trial Class
(30 minutes)
1-12 lessons
13+ lessons
35 euro
(60 minutes)
30 euro
(60 minutes)



Enrollment Form and Payment

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*If you like to try one lesson, we offer free 30 minutes lesson.
Please, for more information or for a trial italian lesson online, send us an e-mail.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do online Italian classes work?
Our online Italian classes are conducted using Skype. This technology allows students and teachers speak and see in real time via their computers.

2. What kind of hardware and software do I need?
You need a standard computer running a system program on which you can run Skype; at least 1 GHz processor; a minimum of 256MB RAM Broadband internet connection; speakers and a microphone; and webcam (Optional). You will also need Skype software, which can be downloaded for free here.

3. How do I install Skype?
Installing Skype is quick and easy. Just go click here to download. You will be walked through the installation process.

4. What payment methods do you accept?
We accept bank transfer, credit card and Paypal payments.

5. Do you give a free trial lesson?
Yes. We offer a free trial lesson, where you will meet your teacher, discuss your goals in learning Italian, check your level of Italian so we can develop a learning plan specific to your needs.

6. How do I book a class?
Send us an email with your request, and we will reply with an email confirming your lesson time.

7. Do I pay before or after the class?
Lessons must be paid for 24 hours prior to the class. In order to receive discounts, 13+ classes must be booked in advance.

8. My schedule is not predictable. Are you flexible with scheduling?
We understand that you may have a busy and unpredictable schedule. Therefore as long as your teacher has availability in his or her schedule, we can rearrange classes.

9. What happens if I cannot attend a class and have to cancel?
If you must cancel a class, you will not be charged if you give us a notice of 24 hours and the credit will go to your next class. If you do not show up for a class or cancel a class within less than 24 hours, you will be charged full price for the lesson.

10. Do you teach on the weekends?
Please check with the availability of your teacher.

11. What if I don’t like my instructor?
If you do not feel comfortable with your teacher, we will place you with another teacher.

12. What if the internet connection is poor or goes down?
If the internet connection is poor or goes down, the class will be rescheduled for a later date.











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Cell : (+39) 339 8724363   -
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