Learn Italian in Florence, Italian language courses in Italy and online lessons, studying singing and the Italian culture.

learn Italian in Florence - Italian language school Italy
learn Italian in Florence - Italian language school Italy
learn Italian in Florence - Italian language school Italy
learn Italian in Florence - Italian language school Italy
learn Italian in Florence - Italian language school Italy
learn Italian in Florence - Italian language school Italy
learn Italian in Florence - Italian language school Italy
learn Italian in Florence - Italian language school Italy
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Italian language school Florence  
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The Italian Language School and the teaching method

From the school director:

   My name is Marcello Ciao and I direct the Italian language school in Florence "Spirito Italiano".
First, I thank you for having visited our Italian language school home-page.
Teaching a language, and particularly teaching the Italian language, takes a lot of passion, patience, and respect for the students' culture and communication skills that have little to do with the Italian language itself.

Since it seems that I have many of these qualities, I have chosen to help those students who need personal attention during their Italian studies in Florence.
After having trained as an Italian language teacher in London, I have had many years of experiences as an Italian teacher in various Italian language institutes, universities, private schools like Berlitz, ECC, GEOS and international companies. I gradually developed a communicative teaching method that suits every student and allows them to learn Italian grammar in a more natural way. I always pay a lot of attention to students' progress and adjust their Italian course accordingly. Each Italian lesson is adapted to the desires and abilities of each student or group. Learning Italian is not easy, but it can be enjoyable, if it is learned with people who understand your difficulties, care about them and make studying the Italian language fun!





The Italian Language school Spirito Italiano

  The Italian language school in Florence "Spirito Italiano" was originally founded in Kobe in Japan in the Autumn of 1998, with the goal of spreading Italian language and culture. In 2003 the school was reopened in Florence with the same goal, yet trying to distinguish itself from other Italian language schools by teaching methods (a gradual didactic program) suited to every student and group. We pay a lot of attention to the special needs of each student. Through the experiences of teaching Italian as a second language in many types of schools in Japan and in Florence, the director has perfected a teaching method based on a fundamental communicative approach, where the grammatical elements are taught and practiced through conversation.    






- Why learn Italian in Florence in our school?
  - Why choose an Italian language course at our school?
  - Why study abroad in Italy in the heart of Tuscany?

  Among the many Italian language schools in Italy, here we are, Spirito Italiano, another small Italian language school in Florence. By saying small, we don't intend to be negative about ourselves, since we think that learning Italian in a small environment is a good thing. Seeing that many big Italian language schools in Florence sometimes treat students who have come to study abroad in Italy more like a source of income than individuals, we thought we would offer more personalized Italian language courses to those students who come to learn Italian language and culture in Florence with high expectations and love for the Italian language and culture. Certainly, we are running a business, yet we intend to do it with our heart, without losing contact with students and their needs. Studying Italian in Italy, in Tuscany and particularly learning Italian in Florence is the most and correct way to learn to speak Italian since Tuscany is the origin of today's Italian language.

Traveling in Italy is a real cultural experience. As in any educational experience, not only do you have the opportunity to study Italian, but also to learn Italian culture through the many art courses, gastronomy courses and other Italian cultural courses that we offer.
Overseas studies could be a good investment and good fun if you choose the proper Italian courses.
But you don't need to spend a lot of money and time at school to get the most of your Italian language lessons. For many beginners, the study abroad experience can be difficult. Even though the Italian grammar is quite complex, learning Italian in Florence should be fun!
For this reason, our main objective is to adapt our Italian language program to the desires and abilities of students, individually and in groups.






Via dei Pilastri, 51  -  Florence 50121 Italy  -  
Cell : (+39) 339 8724363   -   http://www.spiritoitaliano.com
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10% discount on the course "S4" ( March, April and December 2010/2011)




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