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My lessons are intended to help to release patterns in the voice when we speak or sing that hold us back and that prevent us to enjoy what we do. The lessons are for those working with their voice and long to free and share their natural voice. We will tap into the hidden energy in our bodies. ?

I developed a very simple method based on the activation and awareness of the pelvic floor muscles, that enables the voice to come out from the body more naturally, with more tone, relaxed and enables you also to enjoy it. That is because when we activate the pelvic floor and the belly area we can leave the upper body free and relaxed so that our souls too are able to let be free the natural voice.

The lessons are a wonderful tools for giving to yourself the opportunity to give to your speaking and singing skills a support in presence and power. Often the conditioning of our upbringing has created many mental and physical blocks that don't allow us to really enjoy all our full potential in life. But most of all we have not being trained to cultivate our vital energy in the pelvic area where all the emotions and alignment of the body (and soul) are taking place.

This method of cultivating energy for a better voice, presence and power in life are based on a concept that you can find also in the Tao tradition call "Tan Tien" or "Hara" where the main breathing and energy for actions are concentrated in a small area inside the body below the navel. Also they use it in Yoga and it is called "Mula Bandha".

During this lessons we will explore:

- Understanding and activating the pelvic area through breathing activities.
- Connecting the emotions with the voice, deep breathing.
- Cultivating the energy needed for speaking or singing in the pelvic area.
- Practice a variety of vocal activities, sounds & melodies, group and individual improvisation,.
- Explaining a variety of voice meditations, loop voice rhythm, ambient singing, expressing loudly emotions

Who is this workshop for?

- For those working with their voice and long to free and share their natural voice. Whenever a powerful presence in the voice is needed, in singing, acting, meetings or in life generally.
- For anyone seeking to express their heart and gut feelings.
- For those interested in living life to its fullest potential.
- For those working with their voice and long to free and share their natural voice.


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