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Registration and payment

To enroll from a foreign country you need to complete the registration form and send it to the school attaching a proof of payment of the deposit (40% of the price of the selected course) and possibly two passport size photos. The payment of the deposit can be made by:

1) Bank transfer to (banking expenses to be paid by the student):

Marcello Ciao
Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze S.p.A.
Branch: Via Bufalini 4, - 50122 Firenze - Italia
IBAN:  IT42H0616002800000110850C00
( Indicate your name and the type of course)


2) Western Union:  

This website  www.westernunion.com explains how the Western Union payment works.

3) Eurocheque:
4) International bank cheque:
5) Postal money order

For students who are in Florence, the payment can be made directly at the school. The balance of the course fee must be paid the first day of the course or before.


Visas Online-Italian-courses-Florence


European community (EEC) citizens don't need a visa, but they are advised to get form E111 from the local national health service in order to be able to receive free medical care in Italy. Students wanting to study abroad and coming from other countries, depending on their international law, must submit a visa application to the Italian Consulate in their own country. Along with the visa application form, the enrollment certificate from Spirito Italiano should also be supplied to the Italian Consulate. The enrollment certificate is sent by the school only after payment of the deposit has been verified. For this reason, it is important to send to the school the receipt of the 40% deposit payment with the registration form. If for any reason student is not eligible for a visa, the paid deposit will be refunded (minus expenses). However, to obtain a refund, a copy of the document from the consulate refusing the visa must be sent to Spirito Italiano.
Please contact the Italian Consulate in your country to know if you need a visa in order to come and study in Italy.

[Visa explanation]


Health Insurance


We advise European community (EEC) citizens to get form E111 from the local national health service in order to receive free medical care in Italy. For students of other countries, it is advisable to obtain private health insurance.

General Conditions Online-Italian-courses-Florence


If the student needs to cancel a course one week before or during the course, neither the deposit nor the course fee will be refunded.



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