Study Visa

Type of Visa: Schengen or National
Necessary Time for Issuing: Up to 90 days


Persons who intend to enroll in university courses, courses of study or courses of professional/vocational training at authorized/qualified institutions; or persons invited to conduct cultural and research activities.

Documentation Required by the Visa Office:

a) a valid passport (with a photocopy of the most important pages);
b) a filled-in visa request form with a passport-size photograph;
c) a certificate of registration to a university course, to courses of study or courses of professional/vocational training at authorized institutions or to cultural and research activities. The frequency of attendance or activity must be at least 40 hours/month: These hours must be mandatory and should be specified in the certificate. The certificate must be issued on the letterhead of school with a legible signature of its issuer. The receipt of school fee payment must be attached to the certificate of pre-registration to university. In case of professional/vocational training, a formal declaration of responsibility (formale dichiarazione di responsalibilita' must be issued by the legal representative of the institution and must be sent to the competent Provincial Bureau of Labor - Labor Inspection Department (Direzione Provinciale del Lavoro - Servizio Ispezione del Lavoro). In addition, a carbon copy of the declaration must be sent to the Italian diplomatic mission. The declaration must guarantee that the student will not engage in any activities that could lead to a paid-employment in the course of training;
d) a document, which demonstrates that the educational institution is authorized by the Italian Government or by the Institute of Education (Istituto di Istruzione) (only for private schools). In case there is no official record of registration, it is possible to submit a certificate of registration to the Chamber of Commerce or to the School Board Charter (Statuto della Scuola);
e) evidence of financial means (scholarship and/or proof of the applicant's personal or his/her family's balance in bank account);
f) insurance (policy) of an Italian company or of a foreign company valid in Italy, which adequately covers health/medical expenses, medical treatment, hospitalization without the upper limit of insurance benefits, for the entire duration of the visa; or voluntary subscription to the National Sanitary System (Sistema Sanitario Nazionale);
g) a round trip ticket, only for the type C visas (non-national);

N.B. The original documents as well as photocopies must be submitted for all of the documents requested above, except for b). The visa application must also be submitted to the competent Italian Authority (Questura), based on the place of residence, by the applicant in person.




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